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Soundproofing Materials Kenya

Soundproofing is the process of reducing the transmission of sound by absorbing or blocking it. Soundproofing materials are used to create barriers that block or absorb noise

Roof Insulation Kenya

As temperatures across Kenya continue to rise, roof insulation materials are becoming increasingly important to help manage the heat in our homes. With many options available in the market, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which is best for your needs. In this article, we explore the different types of roof insulation materials available in Kenya and the advantages and disadvantages of each

Fiberglass Insulation in Kenya

ISOVER glass wool is a high-tech product, mainly made from sand and recycled glass. Its exceptional thermal properties contribute to save energy and combat climate change. Its porous and elastic structure absorbs noise in the air and offers acoustic correction inside premises. Incombustible by nature, ISOVER glass wool does not fuel fire or propagate flames

Types of Insulation Materials in Kenya

Soundproofing Company Kenya Supplies and Installs insulation materials

Polyethylene Insulation Foam in Nairobi Kenya

Polyethylene insulation is closed-cell foam, meaning its structure is made of millions of tiny globules, sealed off from each other. Best Prices available

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