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Roof Insulation Materials for all Roof Types

The purpose of roof insulation is to reduce the overall heat transfer coefficient by adding materials with low thermal conductivity.  Roof and attic insulation in buildings is an important factor to achieving thermal comfort for its occupants. Roof insulation as well as other types of insulation reduce unwanted heat loss and also reduce unwanted heat gain. They can significantly decrease the energy demands of heating and cooling systems We got you covered with wide range of roof insulation materials such as GCS Roof Insulation, Fiberglass Insulation, Mineral wool roof insulation, Alu burble and many more insulation products

What is Roof Insulation in Buildings? 

What is roof insulation? Roof insulation is the use of heat resistant materials on the roof to prevent heat from being transferred from the outside to the inside of a building. Roof insulation has become an essential part of building construction because of its numerous advantages. A thermally insulated roof provides great comfort during both hot and cold seasons. By installing heat insulation materials on a building’s roof, energy bills and extra costs are reduced by over 80%. A combination of roof and wall insulation shields the building interior from the exterior temperature, thereby reducing the building’s energy consumption every year

10mm Roof Heat Insulation Polyethylene Roll

The 10mm GCS roof insulation is a double sided reflective foil insulation, with a closed cell polyethylene foam core that provides radiant barrier, thermal insulation and a moisture barrier. It is a cost-effective insulation that is suitable for use in all roof systems where temperature variations are high, to increase the thermal comfort of building occupants. It provides a high R value at a comparatively low cost.

The 10mm GCS roof Insulation is suitable for all roof types including warehouses, Residential houses, Churches, business premises, pitched roofs, flat roofs, wall insulation, drywall partitions, pipes, ducts, studio soundproofing, and home theatres

5mm Roof Heat Insulation Polyethylene Roll

The 5mm GCS Roof Insulation is a reliable, cost-efficient solution to maintain structural integrity and protect from hot, dry conditions. This double-sided reflective foil insulation provides a radiant barrier, reflective insulation and moisture barrier all in one. Its 5mm thick polyethylene foam core helps prevent heat build-up and guard against degradation due to solar heat gain. It is suitable for metal deck roofing systems in various applications from residential to horticultural buildings where there is a need both for temperature control and rain noise reduction.

3mm Roof Heat Insulation for regular Use

The 3mm GCS Roof Insulation polyethylene sheet consists of a double-sided reflective foil insulation with a 3mm thick polyethylene foam core that provides radiant insulation, conduction barriers, and moisture barriers. In residential and commercial buildings with low temperature variations or heat levels or ceilings, this insulation is a cost-effective option for insulating under timber and metal trusses.

GCS Roof Insulation is an excellent barrier to radiant heat, enhancing the energy performance and thermal comfort of a building, while providing a physical layer of protection against water and air infiltration

Fiberglass Thermal Insulation

Glasswool insulation or fiberglass has been used to insulate the roof in terms of thermal and acoustic solutions for many years. Fiberglass Heat insulation, also known as glass wool, is one of the most effective and sustainable roof insulation materials on the market. The exceptional thermal properties help save energy and therefore reduce emissions. The porous, elastic structure means that glass wool is very good at attenuating noise. Glass wool doesn’t fuel fire or propagate flames either, as it is incombustible by nature.

Mineral Wool Insulation

Rock mineral wool slabs and blankets are best in preventing significant heat loss from residential and commercial properties in cold climates, it is also designed to keep the cool air in during hot weather. Increasing the energy efficiency of a building can also mean reducing bills and operational costs. 

We supply a variety of rock mineral wool insulation products for flat or pitched roof applications. From steel, concrete or warm roofs to rafter line or loft insulation, rock wool products are made from premium stone wool to keep your properties safe and the indoor environment comfortable.

On top of the good thermal performance, the fire-resistant and acoustic properties of rock wool products also allow for more freedom in your designs.

Why do we Need Roof Insulation for our buildings?

As stated, installing effective insulation in homes and commercial properties can reduce heating requirements by up to 80%. Those that are not effectively insulated can lose approximately a quarter of heat through the roof. Roof Insulation resists the warm air escaping. Cold air can easily enter thorough the roof of a building that isn’t good in shape or insulated.

In hot climates the opposite can occur, where keeping a building cool is essential. Insulation helps to maintain the building’s correct temperature, so you can get creative with the results. Turn a loft area into a living space or an extra bedroom. You can also turn a flat roof into a welcoming terrace or green roof.

Insulating a flat or pitched roof can help:

  • Prevent heat transfer
  • Increase the energy efficiency of a property
  • Save money on heating bills
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of a property
  • Improve summer comfort
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