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Rockwool Boards

Rock wool Boards from Rockal are composed of mineral rock fibers, processed from volcanic basaltic rocks, Fibers are bonded together with a thermosetting binder which gives the flexibility & resilience to the product

Rockwool board insulation is a type of rigid insulation made from spun mineral wool, which is derived from a mixture of volcanic rock and slag.

It is known for its high thermal resistance, soundproofing capabilities, and fire-resistant properties, making it a popular choice for insulation in a wide range of applications.

ROCKAL Boards are especially rigid than other ROCKAL Rockwool products and comply with ASTM C-612.

Rockwool Boards APPLICATION

  • Wall insulation – Used to insulate both residential and commercial buildings, rockwool board insulation provides a continuous layer of insulation in walls, improving the overall energy efficiency of the building.
  • Roof insulation – It is used to insulate roofs, including pitched and flat roofs, to prevent heat loss and reduce energy costs.
  • Floor insulation – Rockal Rockwool board insulation is also used to insulate floor systems, particularly in commercial buildings where soundproofing is important.
  • HVAC systems – Rockal Rockwool board insulation is commonly used to insulate heating and cooling ducts, reducing heat loss and improving energy efficiency.

Rockwool Batts Facing

ROCKAL Rock wool Boards can be non-Faced or faced with reflective vapor barrier material (Reinforced Aluminum Foil FSK) or Kraft Paper, fiber glass tissue BGT or BGF.

Advantages of Rockwool from Rockal

  1. Fire resistance – Rockal Rockwool board insulation has excellent fire resistance, making it an ideal choice for areas where fire safety is a concern.
  2. Soundproofing – Rockal Rockwool board insulation provides excellent soundproofing properties, making it a great choice for noisy areas like theaters, recording studios, and multi-unit dwellings.
  3. Durability – Rockal Rockwool board insulation is long-lasting, durable and does not deteriorate over time, making it a cost-effective solution for insulation.
  4. Moisture and mold resistance -Rockal Rockwool board insulation is resistant to moisture and mold growth, making it a suitable choice for areas with high humidity or damp conditions.
  5. Environmentally friendly – Rockal Rockwool board insulation is made from sustainable and renewable materials and can be recycled, making it an environmentally friendly choice.
  6. Easy installation – Rockal Rockwool board insulation is easy to install, making it a popular choice for both contractors and DIY enthusiasts.

ROCKAL Rockwool fibers products are classified as Non-Combustible materials and follow the fire safety rating achievements:

  • Class 1 Surface spread of flame in accordance to BS 476
  • Class 0 in accordance to BS 476
  • Class A1 in accordance to European standards
  • Surface burning characteristics in accordance to ASTM E-84
  • Fire Spread Index: Less than 10
  • Smoke Developed Index: Less than 25

Thermal Conductivity

Mean Temperature (°C)                                                                                        Thermal conductivity (W/m.k) For the following densities in (Kg/m3) 

Technical Properties

Service Temp. (Hot Side)400°C to 600 C
Melting Temp.1500°C
Outer Facing Temp. Range-29°C to 66°C
Moisture Absorption< 1% (By weight, Water repellant, Non-Hygroscopic, Non-CapillaryNo Effect on Stability
Corrosion ResistancePH 7 or Slightly Alkaline
Soluble Chlorides6 PPM
Fungi ResistanceDoesn’t encourage Fungi growth
Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC)≈ 0.85
Asbestos ContentNon-Toxic and not hazardous to health and Asbestos FreeDoes not contain:AMPHIBOLE {CA2 MG3(OH)2 SI8 O22} Nor SERPENTINE Asbestos {MG3 SI2 (OH)4 O5}
EnvironmentCFC and HCFC Free
Expansion and ContractionShot ContentCompletely StableLess than 25%    ASTM C-1335
CondensationThe vapor diffusion of Rockal Rockwool is negligible it is considered zero compared to other insulation materials


Insulation Materials Kenya Ltd products – including Rockwool, fiberglass, polyethylene foam, ceramic fiber insulation – specially designed to cope with a variety of conditions including fire resistance, soundproofing and thermal insulation. They are manufactured in the foam of roof insulation boards, slabs, rolls and granulate. Our professionals can be on hand to help facilitate the smooth and speedy installation with local technicians, while the materials used in the build are maintained to the highest safety standards.

Available in a selection of sizes, thicknesses, densities, our innovative products are both durable and effective for the lifetime of your building or industrial application

Our flat roof range maintains its high performance against cold and moisture, while the versatile installation methods of our pitched roof products means you can protect your project with above, in between and below rafter insulation or with easy-to-fit loft floor solutions, to achieve the best results.

Thermal properties

Specially treated thermal insulation materials have optimal insulative properties. Warm air can be trapped inside the home and cold air can be kept out to maintain comfortable temperatures.


The acoustic properties of our soundproofing materials can better contain sound within a building, providing better acoustics for budding rock stars, or keep it outside for high focused office workers and eager students alike.

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