Rockal Rockwool Low Density Rolls

Rockal Rockwool Low Density Rolls insulation are composed of mineral rock fibers, processed from volcanic basaltic rocks, Fibers are bonded together with a thermosetting binder which gives the flexibility and resilience to the products.

Rockal Rockwool Low Density Rolls are normally produced at low densities and comply with ASTM C-553-92

Type VII, E-84, E-119

Rockal Rockwool Low Density Rolls: Applications

Thermal and acoustic insulation for cold storages, refrigerated tanks and curved duct. Used in commercial, industrial and residential buildings especially in prefabricated housing, cavity walls, steel structure buildings under or over purlins and double cladding system sandwich panel systems, wall partitions and poultry farms and suspended ceilings.

Helps in controlling heat loss or gain and condensation. Aluminium foil acts as a vapor barrier to prevent condensation.

Rockal Rockwool Low Density Rolls Facing

Rockal Low Density Rolls are faced with reflective vapor barrier material (Reinforced Aluminum Foil FSK), or colored vinyl or BGT or BGF or Kraft Paper.

Fire Safety:

Rockal Rockwool fibers products are classified as Non-Combustible materials and follow the fire safety rating achievements:

  • Class 1 Surface spread of flame in accordance to BS 476
  • Class 0 in accordance to BS 476
  • Class A1 in accordance to European standards
  • Surface burning characteristics in accordance to ASTM E-84
  • Fire Spread index: Less than 10
  • Smoke Developed Index: Less than 25

Packaging and Handling

Each Rockal Low Density Roll is packed in polyethylene bag protected from UV light rays and fixed with product specification sticker.

  • Rockal Low Density Rolls shall be handled with care since it’s mainly consisting of fibers.
  • Rockal Low Density Rolls shall be stored horizontally in a dry closed area securely packaged with a maximum of cumulative height of 4 rolls to maintain the product properties.

Other Applications:

Thermal and acoustic insulation for heavy industrial applications where severe conditions of heat and vibrations occur due to high velocities involved. Also used for large diameter piping, flanges, valves, vessels, chimney walls and furnaces. Ideal for wrapping large curved surfaces or structures.

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