Rockal Rockwool Boards

Rockal rockwool boards are composed of mineral rock fibers, processed from volcanic basaltic rocks, fibers are bonded together with a thermosetting binder which gives the flexibility and resilience to the product.

Rockal boards are especially rigid than other rockal rockwool products and comply with ASTM C – 612.


Rockal rockwool boards can be non-faced or faced with reflective vapour barrier material ( Reinforced Aluminium Foil FSK) or kraft paper, fiber glass tissue BTG or BGF.


  • Each 8 or 4 (depending on thickness) Rockal rockwool boards is packed in polyethylene bag protected from UV light rays and fixed with product specification sticker.
  • Rockal rockwool boards shall be handled with care since its mainly consisting of fibers.
  • Rockal rockwool boards shall be stored horizontally in a dry closed area securely packaged with maximum of cumulative height of 4 packets to maintain the product properties.
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