Rockal Preformed Pipe Insulation

Rockal preformed pipe section are made of rockwool fibers spun from molten basaltic rocks bonded together by a thermos – setting resin binder. The fibers are molded around the pipes of different standard diameter at the required thickness and dried to form rigid hollow cylinder insulation, which then is linearly slit to allow easy installation.

Rockal Preformed Pipe Insulation: Application

Rockal preformed pipe section is used over a very wide range of temperatures to insulate all sizes of cold and hot piping. Such as domestic water in buildings water and chemical process such oil refineries, chemical and petro – chemical insulation and desalination plants, HVAC chilled water systems, oil pipelines. Also used as acoustic insulation of pipelines where gas fluids or solid particles are transferred in high velocities.


Rockal rockwool pipe section comes non – faced with reflective vapor barrier material ( Reinforced Aluminium foil FSK).


  • Clean up and dry all surfaces to be insulted before installation of pipe section insulation. Under no circumstances should the surface be insulated while its wet or in frosted condition. Stapling the aluminium, sealing strip (overlap) and thus puncturing the vapor barrier is not permissible.
  • During installation, the pipe section shall be wrapped around the pipe section shall be wrapped around the pipe with horizontal seam on the lower side of the pipe and the ends jointed.
  • The self-adhesive tape is used to seal the pipe section after its snapped on the pipe.
  • Binding wires can be used to secure insulation all around the pipe to ensure maximum safety in the event of fire.
  • Pipe bends are insulated using the same specification as the straight piping.
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