Rockal Glasswool and Rockwool Duct Wrap Insulation

Rockal Rockwool Rolls are composed of mineral rock fibers, processed from volcanic basaltic rocks fibers are bonded together with a thermosetting binder which gives the flexibility & resilience to the products. Rockal Rockwool Rolls company with ASTM

Rockal Duct Wrap Application

  • Thermal & Acoustic insulation of rectangular and round, heating, ventilation, air conditioning duct work temperature rage 10°C to 600°C
  • Used in commercial, industrial, and residential buildings special for small areas.
  • Saves energy up to 80%, controlling heat or gain and condensation during system operations

Rockal Duct Wrap Facing

Rockal Duct Wrap Rolls are faced with reflective vapor barrier materials [Reinforced Aluminium Foil FSK].

Rockal Duct Wrap Assembly Details

  • Cut the lamella rolls to the length using the following formulas Circular Air Duct (Diameter+2*insulation thickness) +3.14+30mm.
  • Rectangular Ducts; circumference +8*Thickness insulation +50mm. For Ducts with flanged joints, we recommend fitting the insulation to the exact width between the flanged joints.
  • Rockal Duct Wrap can be mechanically fixed using self – adhesive stick pins, adhesive coating or tie rods according to preference.
  • Wherever there is risk of condensation on the flange, place additional loose strip all joints shall be securely taped with self-adhesive aluminium tape with a minimum width of 75mm.           
  • All overlaps shall be stapled at the other side of blanket by applying adhesive tape of at least 50 mm wide.
  • For rectangular ducts with large section length (more than 600mm) the roll should be adjusted with adhesive straps or wash (5 or 6 per 2inch) fixed by a welded bar or hit to the duct.
  • Follow the advice of the aluminium adhesive tapes producers to assure the needed air vapor retarding result.

Rockal Duct Wrap Fire Safety

Rockal Rockwool fibers products are classified as non – combustible materials achievements.

  • Class 1 surface spread of flame in accordance to BS476 Class 0 in accordance to BS 476.
  • Class A1 in accordance to European standards 
  • Surface burning characteristics in accordance to ASTM E-84
  • Fire spread index: Less than 10 smoke developed index; 25

Rockal Duct Wrap Packaging & Handling

Each Rockal DUCT wrap roll is packed in polyethylene bag protected from UV light rays and fixed with products specification sticker. ROKWOOL DUCT WRAP ROLLS shall be handled with care since it’s mainly consists of fibers. ROCKAL DUCT WRAP ROLLS shall be stored horizontally in a dry closed area securely packaged with a maximum of cumulative height of 3 rolls to maintain product properties

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