Rockwool Thermal Insulation Blanket with Wire Mesh 50mm


Non-combustible insulation for built-up metal walls and roofs.

Rockwool with wire mesh Cladding Roll is a stone wool insulation specifically developed for use within twin skin systems. In addition to thermal comfort, the product provides independently-tested acoustic and fire resistance properties.


ROCKWOOL Cladding Roll is a lightweight, cost-effective and non-combustible insulation product, ideal for use in industrial and commercial framed buildings.

Once installed, adjacent tightly-butted rolls will effectively ‘knit’ together to provide a continuous insulating layer, reducing heat losses that would otherwise be caused by gaps.

As demonstrated by independent in-situ laboratory testing, Cladding Roll works to significantly reduce the transfer of airborne noise through the building envelope.

Technical Properties

Reaction to fire (Euroclass) Euroclass A1
Thermal conductivity 0.040 W/mK
Water vapour resistance 5.9 MNs/gm


U-value (W/m2K) Thickness (mm)
0.24 180
0.22 200
0.20 220

Acoustic Performance

  • A 0.4mm thick lining sheet and 0.55mm outer sheet filled with 100mm Cladding Roll achieved Rw 37dB.
  • This can be increased to Rw 38dB by including an air space between the insulation and the outer sheets.