GCS Roof Insulation 10mm – Best Grade Reflective Foil


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  • Roll dimensions: 50mx1.9m = ( 95m2 )
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  • Quality Reflective Foil Roof Insulation in the Market
  • One Year Warranty
  • Thickness 10mm, 5mm and 3mm
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  • Offers optimal thermal insulation.
  • Offers an average temperature drop of about 7°C when effectively installed.


What is Roof Insulation or Sisalation?

Roof Insulation is the process adopted to prevent heat transfer between outside and inside of the building also known as thermal insulation. Nowadays heat insulation has become an essential part of building construction due to its various advantages.

GCS Roof Insulation Advantages

The rooms or buildings that are thermally insulated remain warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Hence, Thermally insulated building provides great comfort both in summer and winter.
A building provided with thermal-insulation requires less power to maintain the desired temperature conditions in the building. This saves energy and extra cost

GCS Roof Insulation 10mm super heavy duty with reflective foil

PE roof Insulation protects your roof space from heat build-up due to radiant heat penetration by acting as a heat barrier to protect all services within the roof space from drying out, cracking and degradation due to UV and solar heat gain.

PE Roof Insulation It is a cost-effective insulation that is suitable for use in metal deck roofing system in residential, commercial, industrial and horticultural buildings where temperature variations are moderately/relatively high and where there is a need to reduce the disturbing rain noise.

  •  Effective thermal insulation; It has an R- Value of 27.40ft².F.h/Btu; RSi of 4.83m²K/W.
  •  Effective barrier against impact noise with a 28db contact noise reduction.
  •  Fire retardant.
  •  Is an effective moisture barrier.
  •  Maintains its thermal insulating properties over time as it does not collapse.
  •  It seals around fasteners ensuring no leakages into the building from the roof.

Insulation Materials Kenya Ltd is a one stop solution for all insulation products. We have a wide range of fireproofing solutions, soundproofing and thermal insulation products for industrial, residential and commercial applications. Our technical team have the knowledge to advise on specifications and installation. Some of our products include; Rockwool, Glass wool, Ceramic fiber blankets, styrofoam sheets, EPS Panels and Polyethylene foam insulation

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