GCS Pipe Insulation PE Foam with Foil


Kenya supplier of highest quality insulation. Our PE pipe insulation will help

  • Hot and cold-Water pipes
  • Refrigeration piping
  • Air conditioning piping
  • Size: 2 metres Long
  • Insulation thickness 13mm


Our pipe insulation tubes are made of 100% closed cell polyethylene foam. It has a low water vapor transmission rate making it excellent in insulating both cold and hot water pipes. PE Pipe Insulation is used to retard against heat gain and prevent condensation on cold water plumbing and has an operating temperature of between -40°C and +95°C. Its closed-cell structure allows it to reduce unwanted heat loss or heat gain, decrease plumbing noise, prevent condensation and corrosion and maximizing energy saving. Our tubes are used on hot and cold-water pipes, refrigeration pipes, air conditioning pipes and waste water pipes. For severe UV exposure (rooftop applications), cladding should be used. PE pipe insulation comes in both reflective finish and is available in a full range of diameters to suit Copper, PVC, PPR, Galvanized Steel and Stainless-Steel pipe.

PE pipe lagging insulation tubes prevents condensation, corrosion, decreases plumbing noise and maximizes energy savings.

Benefits of Pipe Insulation Lagging Insulation tube

  • Excellent thermal properties – leading to energy saving
  • Resistant to moisture vapor flow – prevents condensation
  • Water durable: Closed-cell foam, non-water-absorbing, moisture-proof.
  • Rot resistant: Seawater, oil, acid and alkali durable; antibacterial, safe, odorless and non-polluting.
  • Easy processing: Continuous; easy hot-press shaping, casting, gluing and joining.
  • Shockproof: Good flexibility and anti-hardening; excellent shockproof and cushion capability.
  • Heat preservation: Excellent heat insulation, anti-cold, non-frosting and insulation enduring capabilities.
  • Sound insulation: Closed-cell foam, good sound insulation capability.


  • Hot and cold-Water pipes
  • Refrigeration piping
  • Air conditioning piping

Additional information

Dimensions N/A

2m*20mm, 2m*25mm, 2m*32mm, 2m*40mm, 2m*50mm, 2m*65mm




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