Fiberglass Heat Insulation Kenya Thermal Roll 50mm 12m*1.2m

Original price was: 12,500KSh.Current price is: 12,000KSh.

Get fiberglass Heat insulation at Insulation Materials Kenya. You can now soundproof your walls and ceilings very cheaply and efficiently using fiberglass insulation blanket

  • Size: 12mx1.2mx50mm
  • Density: 24kg/m3
  • Application: Roofing, All building and surfaces
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Fiberglass Heat insulation, also known as glass wool, is one of the most effective and sustainable insulation materials on the market. The exceptional thermal properties help save energy and therefore reduce emissions. The porous, elastic structure means that glass wool is very good at attenuating noise. Glass wool doesn’t fuel fire or propagate flames either, as it is incombustible by nature.

Fiberglass Insulation Price

Cost of fiberglass insulation varies based on different aspects such as the R value, foil faced, none non-foil faced, rolls or slabs and also thickness and density. The higher the density the higher the price. Bellow are some of the fiberglass insulation we supply in Kenya and East Africa;

Additional information

Dimensions 15000 × 1200 × 50 mm