Rockwool Kenya

We have a wide range of rockwool insulation and partner with World leading brands such as Knauf, Rockwool Int, Glassrock, Saint Gobain and Isover. Like everybody across the construction industry, we are used to the name Rockwool which by origin is actually a brand and trademark name for Rockwool International, one of the World leading company in the Insulation industry.

At insulation Materials Kenya, we stock a wide range of rock wool insulation products by sizes, types, densities, thicknesses and different dimensions to suite project requirements. Rock wool or Mineral wool is one of the most preferred materials when it comes to fire resistance, the products made from mineral wool can withstand fire up to 1200 degrees celcius. Also the thermal and acoustic  insulation of rock wool materials are unmatched when compared to other related materials such as fiberglass insulation. Rock wool is an excellent soundproofing material, very effective and safe to use in partitions, concrete walls, hot pipes, furnaces and roofs. We help project managers, house owners, architects, Engineers and acoustic consultants identify the best mineral wool insulation product and decipher technical specifications for easy understanding

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