GCS Roof Insulation

GCS roof insulation with reflective foil is one of the most used roof insulation product in the World. The foil insulation coat has the advantage of reflecting radiant heat. The overal insulation also helps in soundproofing, fireproofing and waterproofing

The air spaces within the insulation core absorbs most of the heat in hot seosons. It also helps maintain room temperatures in cold seosons. GCS roof insulation generaly regulates room temperatures under any weather conditions

GCS roof insulation 10mm thick helps in redusing rain noise in workshops and large scale buildings. Our insulation materials are produced in the thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm and 10mm depending with application and weather conditions of any particular region. Insulation Materials Kenya has specialized installation personel to guide you from ordering to purchasing.

Make the right choice today by installing a roof insulation for your house before fixing iron sheets. If you already have iron sheets in place, do not worry, the roof insulation can be installed bellow the iron sheets. Enjoy cool interiors and reduce the costs of energy bills by installing the non degrading GCS roof insulation at very affordable costs

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