Fiberglass Prices in Kenya

Fiberglass is a material with so many benefits and is used in almost every industry. Also known as glass wool, the insulation blanket can be used for soundproofing, sound absorption and roof insulation. But before using fiberglass insulation, you have to get complete technical information from the experts like Insulation Materials Kenya

Bellow are Fiberglass Prices as of 2023

Fiberglass is manufactured from glass fibers and packaged in rolls and boards for different applications. This life saving material is also produced in different densities for different applications. For instance at insulation Materials Kenya, we import fiberglass materials from our partners across the World and distribute across the East African Market including Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Congo and Tanzania. Our main focus on fiberglass insulation is Soundproofing, Sound absorption and Roof insulation range

Fiberglass for Roof insulation

Of all the insulation products except mineral wool, fiberglass is very effective in roof insulation especially the glass wool with reflective foil (FSK). Fiberglass is a very good thermal insulator with a an R-Value of between 3.1 to 3.5

Fiberglass For Soundproofing

Glass wool Insulation offer excellent soundproofing properties and it can be achieved by fixing in between gypsum partitions or any other types partitions. Soundproofing the roof, shipping containers, residential houses, recording studios

If you are looking for roof insulation materials and soundproofing products, please do not hesitate to call us for assistance for technical advise. We have fiberglass rolls and boards with densities ranging from 14Kg/m3 to 80Kg/m3. All your insulation materials under one roof

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