What is Roof Heat Insulation and Which Materials are Best for Sisalation

A variety of roof insulation products are available in the sizes of 2mm, 3mm, 5mm, and 10mm. Our roof insulation material is very effective at retarding external hostile temperatures and also maintaining the temperature inside buildings.

Insulation for roof Heat

What is Roof Insulation in Buildings?  The purpose of roof insulation is to prevent heat from being transferred from the outside to the inside of a building. Roof insulation has become an essential part of building construction because of its advantages. Thermally insulated roofs provide great comfort during both hot and cold seasons.

By installing thermal insulation on a building’s roof, energy bills and extra costs are reduced by over 80%.

A combination of roof and wall insulation shields the building interior from the exterior temperature, thereby reducing the building’s energy consumption.

Installation Guide for GCS Roof Insulation

There are several Roof Insulation options available, so selecting the appropriate thickness based on individual needs can prove challenging. At IMK, our experts can provide advice and suggest the best product for your requirements. They consider the R-value, cost, environmental impact, fire safety, sound insulation capability and permeability to moisture when recommending the material right for you. Our products are suitable for walls, ceilings, floors, hot pipes, furnace compartments and cars to name but a few. Below are some of our most popular roof insulation materials:

  • Insulation for roofs made of double aluminum 10MM thick.
  • Insulation for roofs of 10MM super heavy duty.
  • Insulation for roofs with a thickness of 5MM.
  • Insulation thickness of 3MM for regular roofs.
  • Insulation for flat roofs of 25MM.
  • A 75MM fire-rated roof insulation is available.

GCS Roof Insulation Benefits

Insulation extends the lifespan of your ceiling system, such as preventing a gypsum ceiling from cracking under excessive heat.

It is made up of enclosed globules of polyethylene that are sealed off from one another. Polyethylene foam is an excellent heat insulator.

Polyethylene roof insulation by GCS Insulation acts as a heat barrier and prevents all services within the roof from drying out, cracking and degrading due to UV rays.

GCS Roof Insulation is a cost-effective insulation that is suitable for use in metal deck roofing systems in residential, commercial, industrial and horticultural buildings where temperature variations are moderate/relatively high and where rain noise is a problem.

In addition to residential roofs, GCS roof insulation is widely used to insulate warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals, and much more.

Super Heavy Duty 10MM Roof Insulation

In terms of heat insulation, GCS Super Heavy duty roof insulation is the best and ideal choice. The double-sided reflective foil insulation is backed by a 100% closed-cell polyethylene foam core, which provides radiant insulation, reflective insulation and moisture protection at the same time. This insulation is best suited to pitched roofs, flat roofs, wall insulation, drywall partitions, pipes, ducts, studio soundproofing, and home theatres.

Heavy Duty 5MM Roof Insulation

GCS Heavy Duty Roof Insulation is a reliable, cost-efficient solution to maintain structural integrity and protect from hot, dry conditions. This double-sided reflective foil insulation provides a radiant barrier, reflective insulation and moisture barrier all in one. Its 5mm thick polyethylene foam core helps prevent heat build-up and guard against degradation due to solar heat gain. It is suitable for metal deck roofing systems in various applications from residential to horticultural buildings where there is a need both for temperature control and rain noise reduction.

Insulation for regular roofs of 3MM

The GCS Regular Roof Insulation consists of a double-sided reflective foil insulation with a 2mm thick polyethylene foam core that provides radiant insulation, conduction barriers, and moisture barriers. In residential and commercial buildings with low temperature variations or heat levels or ceilings, this insulation is a cost-effective option for insulating under timber and metal trusses.

Insulation for flat roofs by IMK

The GCS Flat Roof Insulation is a semi-rigid board made of closed cell, low density polyethylene foam. It is ideal for use beneath or over roof membranes. The product can be easily cut and shaped to suit a variety of geometries. It will not break and will be able to withstand the weight of ballast or pavers if the roof area is also subject to pedestrian traffic. Soundproofing and sound absorbing material.

Fire-rated Roof Insulation

In buildings with high fire risk, GCS Fire Rated Roof Insulation is a 3-in-1, high quality double reflective roof insulation. Among the best and ideal heat insulation materials that can withstand high temperatures and possess outstanding advantages compared to other insulation materials, this is one of the best.

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