Industrial Insulation

Industrial Insulation

Hazards and harmful impacts from fires, COemissions, excess noise and heat damage can be a concern on many production sites. Industrial insulation helps to combat and protect against these risks, ensuring:

  • Higher fire safety standards – stone wool insulation acts as a natural fire barrier and can protect highly combustible elements from flame damage, protecting your employees and business.
  • Efficient temperature regulation – thermal industrial insulation for different elements of your production facility can help keep temperatures level within them, ensuring your investments are safe long-term.
  • Lower chemical and noise emissions – the products we’ve sold in just one recent year will save customers, including those on industrial sites, up to €77 billion in lifetime energy costs. So we can help keep your operating costs down as well

One Stop Insulation Supplier in Nairobi Kenya

Insulation Materials Kenya Ltd products – including Rockwool, fiberglass, polyethylene foam, ceramic fiber insulation. They are specially designed to cope with a variety of conditions including fire resistance, soundproofing and thermal insulation. Insulation Materials Kenya solutions are produced in boards, slabs, rolls and granulate. Our professionals can be on hand to help facilitate the smooth and speedy installation with local technicians, while the materials used in the build are maintained to the highest safety standards.

Available in a selection of sizes, thicknesses, densities, our innovative products are both durable and effective for the lifetime of your building or industrial application

Our flat roof range maintains its high performance against cold and moisture, while the versatile installation methods of our pitched roof products means you can protect your project with above, in between and below rafter insulation or with easy-to-fit loft floor solutions, to achieve the best results.

Thermal properties

Specially treated thermal insulation materials have optimal insulative properties. Warm air can be trapped inside the home and cold air can be kept out to maintain comfortable temperatures.


The acoustic properties of our soundproofing materials can better contain sound within a building, providing better acoustics for budding rock stars, or keep it outside for high focused office workers and eager students alike.

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