AMF Acoustic Ceiling

Modern architecture is dominated by hard, reflective construction and components. Plain, smooth surfaces are increasingly replacing classic sound absorbing areas, often contributing to a noticeably longer reverberation time and leading to unsatisfactory room acoustics. Knauf AMF acoustic solutions impress with their all-inclusive approach (absorption, reflection, sound attenuation) and make an important contribution to optimum acoustics. Adapted to the sound requirements of different spaces, they combine an attractive aesthetic with unlimited functionality.

AMF THERMATEX Design ceilings

Architecture and designers use a diverse range of materials to give every building a distinctive, unmistakable appearance. AMF THERMATEX Design ceilings help interiors to archive this individuality. High quality mineral tiles provide a room with a high quality and at the same time open up great scope for vibrant interior design with temporary and appealing surfaces.

AMF THERMATEX Classic ceiling designs

Ceiling design is an important factor in the architectural planning and design of interiors. Spaces such as supermarkets and canteens must impress with an overall appealing appearance. The ceiling tiles in the Knauf AMF ‘’classic designs’’ range are for this purpose an ideal solution. The large selection of classic finishes can be harmoniously integrated into any through their proven design, provide an aesthetically pleasing, timeless ceiling appearance

THERMATEX  Varioline SF Motif

The grid construction of the acoustic ceiling THERMATEX Varioline SF Motif is almost completely concealed by a special edge, except for a narrow shadow gap, making the profile unnoticeable. As installation only takes place from below, THERMATEX Varioline SF Motif has a mineral installation height and is therefore particularly suited to refurbishment projects. A simple shift along the profile makes the removal and insertion of individual ceiling tiles easy. At the same time, the non-visible perforation within the ceiling material achieves very good sound absorption results and is applied with a unique customized motif to meet individual requirements.

Advantages of AMF acoustic ceiling Systems

Insulation Materials Kenya offer a wide variety of AMF acoustic ceiling systems in Kenya. Some of the advantages of Acoustic ceiling systems from AFM includes;

  • Sound absorption – When a sound wave meets an object, part of the sound energy is reflected and the other part absorbed. Sound absorption refers to the reduction of sound energy in a room through a sound wave losing energy through components surfaces.Thus, it determines the acoustic well-being of a user in a room as it shortens the reverberation time, reduces the noise level and increases speech intelligibility.
  • Fire protection – Whether you require fire resistant construction or a fire rated ceiling, Knauf AMF offers different system solution for both structural and independent fire protection. They contribute to active fire protection whilst harmoniously integrating into the design and room concept.
  • Humidity resistance – Humidity has a significant impact on the stability and structure of a mineral tile. Therefore, rooms regularly submitted to high humidity should be installed with a ceiling tile with a humidity or 100%.
  • Light reflection – In addition to their acoustic properties, wall and ceiling tiles also have an impact on light reflection. Materials with high light reflection facilitate the effective use of natural light and artificial lighting and reinforce the effectiveness of indirect lighting resulting in a reduction in energy usage and cost.
  • Sound attenuation – Good sound attenuation counteracts external acoustic influences that are transmitted via adjoining building components-such as ceiling-into neighbouring rooms and therefore makes an important contribution to sound protection.
  • Washability – Wiping with a damp clock ensures surfaces cleanliness. In order for surfaces to be clinically clean, they must have the ability to be wet washed. Moreover, the chemical resistance in terms of cleaning, process and disinfection reagents is is especially important.
  • Thermal conductivity – Thermal conductivity is the property of a material to conduct heat. This can be defined as ,,the quantity of heat transmitted through a unit thickness of material-in a direction normal to a  surface of unit area-due to a unit temperature gradient under steady state conditions’’
  • Anti-dirt effect – The more air permeable a material is, the more dirt deposits will accumulate on the material. Due to low air permeability according to DIN 18177 classes PM1-PM4, Knauf AMF provides a reduced risk of staining(no greying).
  • Clean room – A clean room is a room in which the concentration of airborne particles is kept as low as is necessary. After construction, particle measurement are carried out, the results of which are used for classification in in to the ISO classes 1 to9.
  • Hygiene – In order to effectively prevent the growth of germs,bacteria and fungi, knauf AMF offers a preventive, washable surface that complies with the hygiene guidelines EN ISO 14644 and DIN 1946.
  • Design – For rooms in which people reside for long periods of time, attention should be given to the design as well as the acoustic performance of the room, in order to create a harmonius and relaxed ambience.
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